Verizon Is Trying To Compete

So far throughout all of these articles we have been talking about how much Verizon stinks and how much Sprint Wireless is better than Verizon and I think that this is something that I can not stress enough because it is something that is so true because it has so much validity to it for a variety of reasons, and it is these reasons as to what we have been talking about for so very long throughout this site, and I know that a lot of people still use Verizon and it just breaks my heart to see all these millions of Americans just throwing money out the window and down the toilet just so that they can have Verizon as their carrier, which is so stupid because Verizon is probably the worst carrier on the market and Sprint is definitely the best cell phone service carrier on the market and it also is a lot more affordable than Verizon, which is sometimes not understood by the general public, but we are going to help all you guys out a little bit more.

So in this last installment of all of these blogs about Sprint phones and service we are going to be talking about a few more phones that really set Sprint apart from every other wireless cell phone carrier in the entire country and what makes their affordable service plans one the most revolutionary parts of the entire cell phone industry, and as we know the cell phone industry is definitely the type of industry that continues to grow more and more through its oligarchy of corporations that control the entire industry from the inside out. Now, we know this might not be the best democratic way of going about a big industry like cell phones but it just so happens to be the reality in which we live in so we must choose from one of the evil corporations, and from all of our research here at this blog we have definitely come to the conclusion that the Sprint Corporation is definitely more reliable and trustworthy than Verizon and T-Mobile and all of the other big cell phone corporations. So if you are thinking about switching up your cell phone provider then you definitely have come to the right place online because all of these articles are and will be about what makes Spring the best cell phone service provider in the entire country and I know that when you do eventually decide to switch up to Sprint Wireless that you will actually be a lot happier of a person and you will understand more as to why exactly we are so adamant about advocating for a company like Sprint because they have the best phones and service plans in the entire industry.

So let’s talk about some of the trap phones that Sprint offers and why they actually can be really useful even for people who have a lot of money, but of course if you don’t have a lot of money and you definitely don’t want to be spending your money on your cell phone then Sprint and some of their cheaper phones are definitely going to be the most affordable option for you and your family if you have a family. Maybe you won’t have smart phone capabilities but who cares as long as you can talk to people, you know what I mean? So one of the really cheap phones that Sprint offers is the Alcatel one touch Retro,  and I guess you could say that his phone is pretty retro and it is a flip phone that looks like it would have been really popular in around 2003, but of course it is only four dollars per month to use, which is a ridiculously affordable service plan and I don’t think you will be able to find a cheaper phone anywhere else on the market, and I am pretty serious about that as well you really won’t be able to find a cheaper phone. This phone definitely has some radiation problems so I would recommend that you talk mostly on speaker phone and not put it up to your ear, but other than the radiation there is nothing wrong with it and it definitely is a good deal.

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Tough To Switch

We all know how tough it can be to switch wireless cell phone providers because when it comes down to it a lot of carriers like Verizon try to suck you in and they definitely do a good job at making their customers have no way out, but of course that is a bunch of crap and people like Verizon don’t care about their customers like Sprint Wireless cares about their customers and that is exactly why Sprint will cover the fees it costs to switch from Verizon to Sprint because they know that a lot of people want to leave Verizon for various reasons but they can’t because they are stuck in debt to this evil company that sucks people in with good deals and service and then screws them over after a few months and then charges all these hidden fees and it just isn’t fair.

We understand your pain at Sprint, and that is why we have chosen to be the bigger company and do something legitimately decent as compared to our competitors and make having a good cell phone with great service affordable for everyone, and we really mean everyone because at Sprint we are the type of company that wants to make sure that all of our friends and family are treated perfectly and that means you and everyone else in our customer base because when you switch to Sprint you become one of our customers in our large family of customers and we truly believe that when you’re here, you are our family, and that doesn’t mean that we are the Olive Garden of cell phone carriers, although some people have kind of called us that and we don’t mind, but it does mean that we have great customer support and we don’t screw our customers over with hidden fees like Verizon so graciously does to way too many people and the worst part is that they get away with it.

So we understand your pain when you are dealing with a company like Verizon, and if you are interested in switching to Sprint then you definitely are making a great decision for your entire life and your family because Sprint offers the best and cheapest phones on the market, and we guarantee that our service is even more reliable than Verizon’s service plans, and of course when you go with a Sprint phone you’ll get everything you get with Verizon without the huge hidden fees and the big monthly payments that no one likes, but that is exactly what makes us the best cell phone carrier in America and we are willing to prove that to anyone who decides to switch to Sprint, and I’m sure that if you talk to any of your friends who use Sprint that they’ll say the same thing that they love Sprint’s phones and service plans because they just make more sense than Verizon.

So stop being such a sucker with Verizon and get over to a Sprint store and switch over to Sprint and maybe even keep your iPhone but don’t pay as much as you do with Verizon on a monthly basis, and this is definitely something that you will greatly appreciate because it definitely is something that is fun and worth the risk because here at Sprint we understand what makes good customer service and that is something that we take very seriously and we know that when you switch to Sprint you are going to be going through a major service change in your life and that is something that we know you take seriously and we take it seriously as well and that is also why we understand that when you switch your service plan up to Sprint you are going to start saving a bunch of money and that is what everyone really wants in the long run when it comes to their cell phone service, right?

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Your Next Phone

When it comes to picking out your next phone you obviously have a few options but you can’t just make your decision too quickly because although the phone industry in general is an oligarchy of very powerful corporations you have to choose one of the evils that power at will, and because you must choose because let’s be honest we all need cell phones in our culture these days, so for the most part if you don’t have a cell phone in 2016 you are going to be out of luck in terms of your career, work in general and keeping in touch and planning things with your friends. Of course I personally know people that don’t have phones and communicate primarily online through Facebook and other means of online communication, but I think when it comes down to it everyone in America especially needs to have a cell phone, and what is so cool is that now you can have a cell phone very cheaply and in terms of your monthly bills you can have a cell phone for as little as ten dollars per month, and there is only one carrier that can give you those types of deals at that is Sprint Wireless.

We all know that Verizon Wireless get the most credit for being the best cell phone provider in America, but of course their advertising is tailored to make them appear a lot better than they actually are, so if you are interested in Sprint then you are definitely on the right track in life and you definitely are in the right place online because all of these articles throughout this blog are about Sprint Wireless cell phones and service plans, and I think  what you will learn is that when we compare the data plans from Sprint to other big wireless cell phone carriers we can see that Sprint actually has the better deals with the better quality phones, and I think for the most part we should consider Sprint to be the number one carrier in America, and it definitely is going to be the wireless carrier of the future so that is something that all of us should consider, if not for us for our children and their children. So we are very thankful for having you the readers of this blog enjoying our very interesting and very informative blogs because we know that when you are done reading all of these blogs that you will definitely be interested in buying a Sprint phone and getting more information about their data service plans will definitely give you the information that you need to know to switch from Verizon or whatever carrier you are on now and go with Sprint Wireless.

So the next phone that we are going to be talking about is the LG G Flex2, and this phone is definitely a beast of a phone that is even the size of an iPhone 6 Plus, which is really big and you don’t have to pay around thirty dollars a month for this phone like you need to do to have an iPhone, but of course the LG G Flex might not be as fast or as cool and fashionable as an iPhone, but I still think that this phone is something that all people should definitely consider as one of the best phones that Sprint has to offer and the service plan is definitely going to help you out a bunch because it simply is cheaper than anyone else, and of course you get a cool phone like the LG G Flex2. So when you get this phone all you have to pay is ten dollars per month, which to me is unheard of in terms of other cell phone service providers, and that still means that Sprint is the most affordable carrier as well as the carrier that offers the best options for phones at cheap prices, and this phone is definitely no exception to that.

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Cell Phone Providers

When it comes to all of the cell phone providers that you can choose from, and the thing is that you really only have a few options when it comes to picking your service provider, you should definitely consider using Sprint as the option for you next phone or just in general, because when it comes down to it the other providers just aren’t as cool or cheap as Sprint, and I think when you use a provider like Sprint you are definitely going to get good service in all types of different places, even when you are in the North American desert and you won’t get coverage by some of the other big providers, and I think Sprint is the type of business that really values their ability to give good service that the other providers in the business lack in.

So if you are the type of person who is maybe on the fence about switching providers or maybe you just think that Sprint is awesome, well then you have come to an interesting little blog on the internet because all of these articles are all linked together in topic in that they are all about Sprint phones and the services that Sprint can provide, so I really hope you like reading these articles and you keep on keeping on and still use your phone on a daily basis, and of course I hope that you learn a lot about the phones that you can get through Sprint and all of the great services that Sprint can provide.

Now of course we aren’t going to be able to get to everything that Sprint can offer because that would take us forever, but we will start talking about some of the coolest phones that Sprint currently has in stock and what you will end up seeing when you go into a Sprint store so maybe this will potentially help you out a lot so when you do show up at the Sprint store nearest you then you will be pretty much be ready and know what you want, which is really important because a lot of people just go into cell phone stores and meander around aimlessly and they’ll end up spending hours on end in those stores and it is just absolutely boring and a waste of someone’s day, so I think that if you have a better idea of the phones that you can get at a Sprint store you will make your shopping for a new phone a lot more efficient.

One of the really cool parts about using a provider like Sprint is that you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on your monthly bills to keep your phone going, and I think this is one of the more important aspects about Sprint and they really do offer a lot of affordable monthly plans that go along with some of their cheaper phones, and these phones seriously are really affordable.

For instance it’s a lot cheaper for someone to have a phone through Sprint rather than Verizon because Verizon typically demands at least ten more dollars per month than Sprint, and when you consider some of Sprint’s phones like the LG G Stylo you can actually get the phone for free and then pay just ten dollars per month, which is unheard of for most cell phone providers and I think if you are the type of person who is trying to spend less on their monthly bills and you are trying to cut back on the amount of money that you are spending on your cell phone then the LG Stylo and other LG phones that Sprint can provide are great options because you will still get a smart phone that will allow you to surf the web and you will also get a good camera, while also you will be able to just be able to call and text your friends as much as you want too, which is probably the main thing you will be doing if you are just trying to use your phone and not spend too much money, which is the main purpose of having a cell phone in the first place.

Complete Communication

When it comes to cell phones you know that there are only a few options in terms of which type of company everyone can choose from, and yes everyone knows that this entire system of just a few companies is completely an oligarchy and it is just like a lot of the big industries in the United States including the airline industry and a bunch of other industries in which everyone only has a few options to choose from, but of course now in today’s times everyone who is anyone buys a cell phone because it pretty much is a necessary tool to have out in the world these days because literally everyone has a cell phone so if you don’t have a cell phone then you are going to have some pretty hard times getting in touch with all of your friends, except it’s not impossible to live without a cell phone but for the most part everyone has a cell phone and uses it wisely as they definitely try their hardest to be available to talk to anyone at any given moment of the day. No one wants to be that type of guy who doesn’t have a cell phone in today’s age, and sure I have had friends who didn’t have a cell phone for a considerable amount of time, an there is nothing wrong with this at all, an in fact the deal that a lot of people have to go through in terms of not having a fun does not outweigh the monthly bills that phone costs.

So in terms of these particular articles and why this writing is even on this blog on in the first place generally is to just talk about cell phones, while also specifically to talk about Sprint cell phones and the service that you can get through switching to a cell phone provider like Sprint, and sure you might be in the right in thinking that Verizon Wireless is better than Sprint, but of course there are definitely a lot of better features that Sprint can offer its customers that Verizon can not provide and I think that when you go through all of this list of articles you will understand a little bit better just how Sprint can offer things that other cell phone carriers can not, and for that we will give you as much details as possible in order for you to be completely satisfied with the writing that is going onto the blogs that this is blatantly allocated for in terms of providing information about Sprint Wireless.

So let’s start talking about some of the phone that you can get through Sprint, and I think one of the most popular phones that you can get while using a company like Sprint for your cell phone coverage is obviously the iPhone, and I know that by talking about the iPhone we might be a little cliché but the thing is that the iPhone is definitely one of the most popular phones for a lot of reasons and I think that iPhones definitely are the most stylish of all of Sprint’s phones, and especially the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, which are really great phones that are a little bit different than some of the previous versions that a lot of people thought were awesome, but this is exactly what Apple does and I am sure the seventh version will be coming out in the next few years so don’t worry about it if you want to skip out on the sixth version because although it definitely is a really good style and shape that is different than the rest of the history of iPhone’s I think Sprint’s other phones are really cool too and deserve to get a lot of publicity and cover as well.

Cell Phones Advancement

Cell phones have definitely changed the world for the better and I think besides all the radiation that some of the cheaper cell phones cast off into our heads and minds they have done a lot of good things for humans. It’s crazy to think back on the world and how it was before the use of cell phones or portable car phones or whatever, and the truth of the matter is that it was pretty hard to get in touch with each other and most people carried around little address books with them so that they could contact their friends from pay phones and other public phones when they needed to talk to someone, because let’s be honest there is absolutely no way that everyone could just remember each other’s numbers because that is absolutely absurd, and still today I can only remember the numbers of my family members and that is it, other than that I can not tell anyone what my friends’ numbers are, and maybe that is kind of sad but whatever this is the cell phone world that we live in and it is safe to say that most people in the world, especially the industrialized world, own a cell phone and they definitely rely on it somewhat in order to do some of the things that they need to get done.

Of course there are definitely a lot of issues that cell phones create and of course when you decide that you want to get a cell phone or mix up your provider you only have a few options between the small oligarchy of companies that completely controls the entire cell phone industry, and I don’t think that there will really be many more phone providers besides AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint and of course there are a lot of ups and downs for all of these companies, but the thing is that with this site and everything that we do here we are definitely going to focus primarily on Sprint Wireless and the entire entity of the company including the types of phones that Sprint provides and the service plans that you can get through using Sprint.

Because when it really comes down to it Sprint is the type of company that really does a lot for their customers by providing really good unlimited data plans and all sorts of incentives to switch your cell phone provider up to Sprint, but let’s not get too carried away because obviously the competitors of Sprint have a lot of good incentives as well and can arguably provide a lot better of a service than Sprint, but that is something that we do not need to discuss into extreme length, and we actually are not going to be talking too much about companies like Verizon Wireless because in the eyes of Sprint they completely stink and that means there is absolutely no reason to really even bring them up, but we just did, so there’s that, now let’s start thinking about talking about Sprint’s phones and the service plans that Sprint can provide.

So let’s talk about some of the new Sprint phones and I think that when it comes to the best phones that Sprint can provide and is one of the only carriers that provides, we have to consider the Samsung Galaxy, and of course new editions of the Galaxy are coming out just about every year and this year the phone is called the Galaxy Forever, and it is a brand new phone that is really large and has two different options including the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S7, which is a smaller version of the Edge edition, and of course when we start to think about what this phone can offer it really is endless because it has full smart phone capabilities and of course this is the type of phone that has one of the best cameras any cell phone has ever been able to provide, and I think that this alone is something that everyone should be really excited about because it really is something that makes or breaks a phone.

Oh, and by the way, the Galaxy is definitely not going to break or crack as easily as an iPhone so you definitely should try to consider doing things with a Galaxy phone because we are pretty much the coolest people and we know which phones are the best of the best and Sprint’s phones are the best and there is no argument here so just put your Verizon phone up your butt and get into a Sprint store nearest you and switch to Sprint.